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    Naturalize by Dr. Bilquis Shaikh is a brand renowned to find cures within the natural habitat. Formulating innovative, authentic & organic herbal products through modern technology gives Naturalize the perfect balance of both worlds. Over a decade long journey of providing effective beauty and health care solution to millions of people has been an experience

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      Her passion is to find cures in nature's given, Dr. Bilquis Shaikh is one of the top herbalists of Pakistan. Naturalize is serving all across Pakistan, since 2009.

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      Discover the essence of holistic healing with Dr. Bilquis, blending ancient traditions and modern expertise for optimal wellness.

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Naturalize by Dr. Bilquis Shaikh

  • The Herbal Queen, Dr. Bilquis Shaikh, hailing from the enchanting mountains of Chitral, Pakistan, has always been captivated by the wonders of herbs. Her deep-rooted curiosity and passion for nature's remedies led her on a remarkable journey of discovery. Driven by a desire to find holistic cures, Dr. Bilquis embarked on a path that would make her one of the most respected herbalists in Pakistan.

  • In pursuit of her dreams, Dr. Bilquis earned her Alternative Medicine Doctor (AMD) degree from Colombo, Sri Lanka, and furthered her knowledge in homeopathy in her homeland. Armed with a diverse skill set, she founded Naturalize in 2009 – a company that provides result-driven herbal solutions.

  • At Naturalize, we aim to empower individuals to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. We believe in nurturing both the body and mind, offering a comprehensive range of wellness solutions. From skincare to hair care, infertility to weight loss, arthritis to mental strength, and everything in between, Naturalize has become a trusted name in holistic well-being.

  • Dr. Bilquis Shaikh's journey has shaped her expertise in herbal remedies. Born in 1973 in KarimAbad, Chitral, she received her primary education in her hometown. Recognizing the importance of education, her parents, driven by a desire to provide her with the best opportunities, sent her to Karachi at a young age.

  • From an early age, Dr. Bilquis possessed an innate understanding of herbs and their medicinal benefits. She would utilize this knowledge to treat ailments in people and injured animals. Although her father aspired for her to become a doctor, her fear of blood and needles posed a challenge. However, this obstacle only fueled her determination to pursue her passion and expertise – nature's remedies.

  • After graduating from Karachi with a degree in Arts, Dr. Bilquis's thirst for knowledge led her to pursue a Doctor of Medicine (Alternative Medicine) degree in Sri Lanka in 2005. Her educational journey continued. She delved into the world of homeopathy, dedicating four years to study and receiving a D.H.M.S certification.

  • With over 15 years of professional experience in herbal medicine, Dr. Bilquis has successfully treated numerous health issues without surgery. Her expertise spans skincare to hair care, infertility to weight loss, arthritis to mental weakness, and more. Her remedies for conditions such as piles and infertility have earned her widespread acclaim.

  • At Naturalize, we pride ourselves on offering the best beauty products in Pakistan. Our carefully crafted herbal products enhance your natural beauty and promote overall well-being. We understand the importance of using organic and natural ingredients to achieve optimum results. Our range of products caters to your unique needs. From skincare to hair care

  • Experience the transformative power of nature with Naturalize by Dr. Bilquis Shaikh. We invite you to explore our collection of herbal products, carefully formulated to nourish and rejuvenate your body. Take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you.

  • Remember, nature has the power to heal. Let Naturalize guide you on your journey to wellness.

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